What Is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a service that helps you live independently or with other disabled people. You will also get help cleaning, cooking and taking care of yourself. This is designed for the things we do every day, like getting dressed, taking a shower, and going to the bathroom. It’s also for taking care of things around the house, like making dinner.

SIL support aims to help people learn skills that will help them live as independently as possible. The fees for SIL pay for the support workers who do this work. 

What Does SIL Not Cover?

SIL doesn’t cover rent, room and board, or other everyday costs like food and activities. It also doesn’t cover the costs of a participant’s housing, such as rent or mortgage. It also doesn’t include gas, water and electric bills.

Important Advantages of Supported Independent Living

Create a lifestyle that meets your needs

Supported independent living is great because it lets you start making your own life. You may now be living with your family, who have helped you along the way. In a supported independent living environment, you can stay close to your family while living in a place you can call your own. You can also spend more quality time with your loved ones because a friendly and skilled Direct Support Professional (DSP) is there to help with your daily needs. The main goal of supported independent living is to help people become more independent in a safe place with help. You can start to settle into a new way of life that fits your interests, personality, and goals. Get regular assistance as you hone your abilities.

The SIL environment helps you become more independent and gives you access to help. How much help you get will depend on what you write in your plan about your needs and goals. Whether you live alone or with others, a DSP is there for you day and night to help you in your home. Your DSP can help you daily by cooking, cleaning, shopping for groceries, driving you places, and helping you take care of yourself. Your DSP can also help you learn how to make a budget, meet new people, and keep a healthy schedule. Importantly, this support happens in your own space and in a way that fits your lifestyle, personality, needs, and goals.

Get more social opportunities.

Important Advantages of Supported Independent Living (SIL)Our DSPs support you where you live. This means living in a  community where you can meet new people and hang out with them often. People are encouraged, but not forced, to get together. You can choose when and with whom you want to hang out. The person who gives you SIL will support you to participate in social events you want to attend. Sometimes, your DSP can go with you on trips you want to take and help you stick to your budget while you’re out.

Combine independence and safety

In a SIL arrangement, your well-being should always come first. This means that not only should your needs be met, but also that you should be happy. Good SIL providers will support you to ensure you have a safe and functional place to live while encouraging you to do things you enjoy. A good SIL provider will help you make healthy decisions about your routine and way of life. They will also give you the tools to reach your goals and become more independent. Supported independent living values each person’s uniqueness and doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it can be changed to meet your changing needs and goals. SIL providers have safety procedures that have been well thought out and are closely watched. DSPs need to be skilled and know how to handle different situations safely while keeping safety standards in mind. Supported independent living is different from other ways to help people with disabilities because it offers happy, empowering independent environments and safe, effective help.

Develop your self-assurance to achieve more independence

Supported independent living is meant to help you become more independent over time. Skilled lifestyle assistants and a supportive environment can help you reach short-term and long-term goals that can greatly impact your life. A good DSP does more than just take care of your day-to-day needs. They get to know you, learn about your individual goals, and look for ways to learn skills that can help you in the future. DSPs who are good at what they do understand your needs and personality and should encourage you in a way that makes you feel good about yourself and your skills.

Support When You Need It

While you may be excited about your new house and freedom, you may also be apprehensive about being without your family or caregiver. Everyone who leaves home requires time to build life skills and self-assurance. However, the team at OCL is not only there to assist you with practical chores but also to listen to you, comprehend what is essential to you, and assist you in achieving your life objectives.

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