Day Programs for Developmentally Disabled Adults

We are one of Ottawa’s leading providers of support for adults with developmental disabilities. Our day programs will help advance skills and provide a fun relaxed atmosphere.

Day Program

Leisure Program

Provides a more relaxed environment for participants who enjoy games, music, art, cooking and socializing with peers in a low demand relaxed setting.

Social Connections

Participants socialize and engage in a multitude of activities such as music, art, culinary skills, learning games, tech, life skills, communications building and exercise. The environment offers activities for two distinct groups of participants: those who want to maintain their skills and those who want to develop new skills.

Next Steps

Delivers instructional activities in a traditional classroom model. The classes are designed for participants to build skills in a wide variety of topics including socialization, academics, computers, health and wellbeing, communication, cooking, safety, and home skills. The skills acquired will help prepare participants to live on their own.


Focuses on community activities, exploration and physical wellbeing. (gym, swimming, bowling, hiking and seasonal activities etc- snow shoeing)


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