Supported Independent Living Program

We are one of Ottawa’s leading providers of support for adults with developmental disabilities. Our Supported Independent Living Program support and empower individuals to live in their own space.

OCL’s Supported Independent Living Program (SIL) or Enhanced Supported Independent Living Program (ESIL) supports and empowers people to live in their own space, whether alone and with a roommate.

Individuals who are part of this program and their families, set goals and plans through an Person Centered Plan, facilitated by SIL / ESIL staff and Supervisor. Both the individual and their family review strategies for attaining their goals.  They review this plan regularly. Strategies might include consulting outside professionals, obtaining clinical, educational or recreational resources, or even moving.

Individuals in this program have a higher degree of independence and require less help and supervision but OCL staff are there to offer varied hours of support depending on the needs of each person.

SIL / ESIL staff support the individuals of this program with job hunting and guidance with finances, housekeeping, shopping and cooking, managing medical issues and social relationships.

For more information on our Supported Independent Living (SIL) or Enhanced Supported Independent Living Programs (ESIL), please contact

OCL’s SIL and ESIL programs are currently full. Please check back in Spring 2024.

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