Support Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Adults with Developmental Disabilities can live, work, study, and play in their communities with the correct assistance. OCL works alongside individuals with developmental disabilities throughout their lives, supporting them to find meaningful jobs and lead independent lives once they leave school.

Finding a Job

Finding a job is a very important first step for adults with developmental disabilities who want to be self-reliant and have their own money. Our Next Steps Program offers participants help in preparing for employment  focused on helping participants prepare for employment by 

  • Become aware of their skills
  • Identify employment goals
  • Support them to enter the workforce (e.g. resume writing, interview preparation)
  • Find suitable employment based on their individual interests and abilities

Day Programs

OCL day programs are for people with developmental disabilities who need mainly to make friends, have fun, and get involved in the community. People with developmental disabilities who participate in day programs might need some supervision, and some need help with day-to-day tasks (eating, dressing, walking, etc.).

Leaving Home

Adults with developmental disabilities have a lot of choices when it comes to living away from home. The main goal of OCL’s support services for adults with developmental disabilities is to help you and your loved one stay in the community and choose where to live:

  • Supported Independent Living – People with developmental disabilities live independently in their apartments or house with a bit of support from OCL’s Direct Support Professionals (DSP). Support services can help with problem-solving, managing money or making a budget. Individuals supported in this program have a higher degree of independence and need less support.
  • Enhanced Supported Independent Living (ESIL) is an option for people with developmental disabilities who aren’t quite ready to live independently. OCL’s Direct Support Workers provide more hours of support for ESIL participants to help with self-care, life skills or social planning. People in this situation usually have their own apartments or live in families. People in enhanced supported living often learn skills that help them move on to living independently.
  • Supervised Group Living – Group homes are places where several people with disabilities can live together. Most of the time, these homes are in residential neighbourhoods and in fact, look like any other family home. Professional staff help residents with their daily tasks and social activities, depending on what each person needs.

Making Friends

OCL - Support Services for Adults With Developmental DisabilitiesAdults with developmental disabilities can be active members of their communities in all ways including social and leisure activities. There may be weekend trips, evenings out, and other chances to do fun things as part of OCL programs throughout the year. With a lot of recreation and social connection programs offered, OCL gives people with developmental disabilities the chance to make friends and discover what they can do. Participants go on adventures and overcome physical challenges. 

Choose OCL Support Services for Adults With Developmental Disabilities

OCL uses a Person-Centered Approach (PCA) to help people with developmental disabilities grow, make decisions for themselves, and be a part of their communities.

Since 1985, OCL has helped adults with developmental disabilities grow, learn, and thrive through programs that give them hope, opportunities and experiences.

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