People with developmental disabilities may have trouble getting about. However, it’s crucial that they stay physically active for both their physical and emotional health. Playing games and participating in activities which attract their attention can be a fantastic approach to disguise occupational and physical therapy exercises.

OCL’s day program provides a variety of recreational and educational activities, as well as life skills programs. Adults who come to our day program can choose leisure activities like games, music, cooking and art or recreational activities like hiking and swimming. For adults who want to work, our Next Steps helps them prepare for applying and finding a job. 

Continue reading to discover more about the activities of OCL day programs for adults with developmental disabilities.

Physical Activities

Everyone must exercise, activate their muscles and increase their heart rate. People with developmental disabilities benefit substantially from regular aerobic activity, just like everyone else.

  1. Walking and Hiking

If your loved one can walk, then walking or hiking are fantastic opportunities for physical and social connection. Check out your local parks for trails and walking route information. Many locations have concrete pathways to simplify navigating while still allowing you to experience nature. There are also wheelchair-accessible pathways in several locations. Always verify the area beforehand to ensure the trail is in excellent condition.

  1. Development of Muscles and Flexibility

It’s essential to activate all the major muscle groups to maintain fitness and avoid muscular atrophy. This can be problematic for individuals with impairments such as cerebral palsy. However, there are always options that are both enjoyable and beneficial.

Yoga is a fantastic kind of exercise that develops both strength and flexibility, and it requires no additional equipment since it employs the body’s own weight. Many courses and videos provide adaptations for these exercises, so even if one cannot make the motions precisely as shown, they may be able to get the same results by using blocks, straps or sitting in a chair.

Swimming is also an ideal exercise for seniors and individuals with restricted mobility. The resistance of the water strengthens muscles, while relieving stress on the joints.

Cognitive Activities and Exercises

OCL - Day Program For Adults With Developmental Disabilities OCLEngaging the mind is essential for enhancing concentration, memory and cognitive function. Adult day programs often use such activities to engage their clients.

  1. Arts and Crafts

Artistic activities help persons with developmental disabilities express themselves and be creative, just as everyone else. This can be particularly helpful for people who are unable to communicate vocally. It also generates a sense of success and fulfillment, which is essential for human mental health.

There are several arts and crafts activities for persons with impairments, each with differing degrees of mobility and complexity. Providing paper, crayons, markers and paint is sufficient, and then letting them be creative. However, you can also engage in more guided activities such as finger painting and paperweight construction (painting rocks).

  1. Dance and Music

Almost everyone can appreciate music of some kind. Music stimulates numerous regions of the brain’s memory and pleasure centers. It has been established that music therapy improves memory, concentration and cognitive function. It is in fact easier to recall information when it is set to music. Various songs are inextricably linked to particular events in our life.

Music can also be an effective approach to motivate physical activity. Many individuals with intellectual limitations can dance; even if they cannot sing, they can probably at least clap or sway to the music.

OCL Day Program for Adults

If you’re searching for a day program for adults with developmental difficulties, OCL can assist you. OCL has worked with families for over 35 years to ensure their loved ones receive the necessary care and assistance to live independent and fulfilling lives. Our day program has activities for all persons with developmental disabilities.

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