The transition from adolescence to adulthood brings new daily activities and relationships, however it can also lead to uncertainty and anxiety as previous activities and friendships from school and children’s services are left behind

Part of our mission at OCL is to make sure that all people with developmental disabillities and their families have transition plans to help them live more independent and meaningful lives as adults, as well as effective interventions, services, and support for the rest of their lives.

Day Programs: Because Everyone Is Unique

Because no two adults with developmental disabilities are the same, our Day Program Plan takes into account each person’s unique skills and traits. Because of this, OCL is a unique place for adults with developmental disabilities. Any program for adults with developmental disabilities needs to account for what kind of training and activities that person needs to help them reach their goals. Our support for this special group is based on their wants and needs.

Life Skills Training for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Adults with developmental disabilities learn a wide range of life skills, from taking care of themselves to staying fit and exercising. OCL gives classes on shopping, cooking, managing money, making healthy food choices and much more. Life Skills training aims to give people the skills they need to be as independent as possible in their daily lives.

Job Skills Training is for people with developmental disabilities who want to get a job. They learn how important it is to stay on task, get to work on time, follow directions and act the right way in a work setting. They learn how to write resumes, do interviews, and set goals for the type of job they want. 

Types of Day Programs

Ottawas Best Programs for Adults With Developmental DisabilitiesOCL’s Community Participation Supports offer unique environments based on the needs and interests of the participants. In selecting the right program, each participant will complete an assessment to ensure it’s a good fit for them. Programs will include restorative breaks to encourage movement in support of overall wellbeing.

  1. Our Leisure program is dedicated to providing a more relaxed environment. It caters to participants who enjoy games, music, art, cooking and socializing with peers, all in a low-demand, relaxed setting. Activities will be based on participants’ interests and abilities.
  2. The Social Connections is for participants who are looking to socialize and engage in a multitude of activities in a day. Activities include music, art, academics, cooking, games and exercise that are designed to maintain current abilities. This environment is flexible and offers activities to many interests and abilities.
  3. Next Steps focuses on activities based on a traditional classroom model. The classes are designed to help participants build skills on a wide variety of topics including socialization, academics, computers, health and wellbeing, communication, cooking, safety and home skills.

Next Steps Level 2 – Job Readiness

Job Readiness” is designed for participants looking to enter the workforce. Participants will learn skills for independence such as writing a resume, dressing appropriately for work, interviews and workplace specific tasks.

Next Steps Level 3 – Job Search

“Job Search” will assist participants in finding suitable employment based on their individual interests and abilities.

  1. Our Recreation Program focuses on physical and community activities. For example, walks, swimming, bowling, festivals, snowshoeing and trail hikes.
  2.  Community Connections is dedicated to finding placements in the community for participants which encourage self-confidence, help build skills and potentially lead to employment.

Have a question concerning our programs for adults with developmental disabilities? Simply call us in Ottawa at (613) 254-9400 or visit us at OCL online.